All students who applied for 2024 SU Funding Opportunities were notified by mid-July of their application outcome.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Should you not find an answer to your query in this section, then please log a call with Stellenbosch University (SU) Client Services on 021 808 9111 or email – and remember to then include your SU# in an apt subject header for an efficient response.

Prospective students

What are the 2024 application dates for Stellenbosch University?
3 April 2023 Undergraduate applications OPEN
16 October 2023 Undergraduate applications for SU funding RE-OPEN
31 July 2023 Undergraduate and residence applications CLOSE
31 October* 2023 Undergraduate applications for SU funding CLOSE
26 January 2024 Diploma in Public Accountability (School of Public Leadership) applications CLOSE

*Late admissions will be decided on a case-by-case basis

What is the difference between my application ID and my student number?

All applicants will receive an application ID. This is a unique ID number that youmust use to manage your application before you register as a student. Track your application status on the applicant portal or on > Apply > Applicant portal.

All applicants will also be issued with a student number. Use this to access Stellenbosch University’s other platforms while still a prospective student. Also, once you have received an offer, use your student number to apply for bursaries or track your residence application.

In other words, your student number does NOT replace your application ID. Your student number also does NOT guarantee your admission to a programme or your eligibility to register. Please include both your application ID and student number in all your communication with the Centre for Student Administration and the Client Services Centre.

What is the difference between the applicant portal and the student portal on my.sun?

The policy standard applies to:

The applicant portal allows you to submit and track your application and see your admission status.

The student portal is what you will use once you have registered as a student with Stellenbosch University as well as to monitor your residence application and apply for financial aid (SU funding) while still a prospective student.

I have set up my username and password. Now what?

Use your student number to get access to the student portal on my.sun, where you can apply for bursaries and check on the status of your residence application. Please note that you will only be able to apply for a bursary after you have received an offer from the University.

What are the dates for applying for a bursary at SU?

SU funding applications re-open 16 – 31 October* 2023 only.

*Late admissions will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Who may apply for a bursary?

All study applicants who are South African citizens and who received a conditional or final offer from Stellenbosch Unversity may apply.

Since the University’s financial resources are limited, bursaries are allocated based on financial need (household financial circumstances) and academic merit (the applicant’s potential to study successfully).

What bursaries does SU offer?

We offer a range of bursaries. For the particulars, consult the 2024 Bursary Yearbook and the Types of funding tab on the webpage of the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans (CUBL).

What documents will I need to provide when applying for a bursary?

You will need to provide various supporting documents for an application for funding from Stellenbosch University. For a summary of the supporting documents you will need to submit depending on your personal, family and financial circumstances, please see the table below.

All documents submitted as proof of income will be verified by a third party.


  • Certified copy of ID
  • Medical certificate or SASSA if you have a disability
  • One-page CV summary, including any leadership role, sport achievement and other awards
  • Latest academic record if you are currently studying at another university


for each parent/legal guardian 

  • Death certificate if deceased
  • Certified copy of ID
  • Proof of income and monthly income before tax (salary slip/ITA34/affidavit of informal employment type and income), or unemployment (affidavit/retrenchment letter/UIF letter), or child support (maintenance agreement), or pension/SASSA (letter from bank/bank statement)


  •  For marital status of parent(s)/legal guardian(s), if separated, divorced or estranged, proof of separation, divorce (divorce decree) or estrangement, and maintenance agreement if applicable
  • Proof of university registration of any siblings, for up to three siblings only

if applicant is married/widowed 

  • Death certificate if deceased
  • Certified copy of ID
  • Proof of income and monthly income before tax (salary slip/ITA34/affidavit of informal employment type and income), or unemployment (affidavit/retrenchment letter/UIF letter), or child support (maintenance agreement), or pension/SASSA (letter from bank/bank statement)
plus the FORM CONSENT signed by all parties
How do I apply for financial assistance?

As a prospective student, once you have accepted your conditional or final offer, you will receive an email from the Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans (CUBL) that will include details on how to apply for SU funding.

When will I be informed of the outcome of my SU funding application?

All applications will be considered after the closing date. Applicants for Stellenbosch University’s own bursaries will be notified of the outcome by end-February. The outcome dates for bursaries made available by SU external donors may vary, however, the majority will be allocated by end-May.

How do I apply to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)?

NSFAS funds first-time entering (FTEN) students at public universities.

All applicants from a home with a gross household income (HHI; total income before tax and deductions) below R350 000 per year (R29 167 per month) may be considered for a bursary from NSFAS; for a student living with a disability, the HHI must be below R600 000 per year (R50 000 per month). You may submit your NSFAS application at We recommend that you visit the official NSFAS website regularly for updates.

Stellenbosch University does not manage the application or selection process for NSFAS. We only help administer bursary disbursements to successful applicants as instructed by government.

All prospective students who apply for NSFAS funding must also apply to SU Funding Opportunities. The student is then registered on the CUBL database, which ensures you are considered for gap funding (costs not covered by NSFAS allowances) from the University. Gap funding includes top-up, shortfall, emergency, and/or graduate debt funding and it aims to bridge the financial gaps not covered by NSFAS. IMPORTANT NOTE The University has limited funds available. An application for funding is not a guarantee that funding will be granted.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about funding opportunities?

You’re welcome to contact our Client Services Centre on 021 808 9111 or email If you are emailing, remember to include your student number in the subject line, for example, # / 2024 SU funding query.

Contact Us

Any bursary or funding query must first be logged with the SU Centre for Client Services (021 808 3530)

When prompted, select 1 for English; 2 for Afrikaans assistance. You can also email us at, or request an in-person meeting. Our consultants are ready to help you.

For any queries and technical or document issues whilst completing your 2025 SU Funding Opportunities application

Please call 021 808 3530 or email  – with a screenshot or detailed description of the problem encountered – for assistance. Remember to include your SU student number (#) in this subject line: # / SUFO25 application query. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

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Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans (CUBL)

All NSFAS and Funza Lushaka bursary assistance at SU, including FMHS NSFAS-funded students

Only 2024 Funza Lushaka applications, modules, and placement queries, contact Mrs Jeannie Saffier

Email correspondence

Due to the high volume of emails received, all email correspondence must please include an SU student number (#), bursary name/ref, and a short descriptor in the subject line, for example: # / NSFAS – allowance payment query. This will ensure your enquiry can be attended to promptly and efficiently.