All students who applied for 2024 SU Funding Opportunities this year will receive an outcome email by end-June.

Bursary funding options

Financial need should not keep a prospective student from enrolling at the University.

Financial need should not keep a prospective student from enrolling at the University.

Stellenbosch University (SU) believes that every student who has the potential to succeed academically should as far as practicable be given the appropriate opportunities. This is why SU strives to provide as much support as possible to students who gain admission to the University but who lack financial financial means to study.

The University is very much aware of the financial need of its students. Unfortunately, though, the University does not have unlimited funds at its disposal. Students are encouraged to not only look to the University for financial support, but to also explore other external (private; company; state) funding opportunities. The fact that a student has applied for an SU bursary or funding is not a guarantee in any sense that they will be granted such funding.

The University offers two reliable forms of financial support that students can count on, namely merit awards and the highly beneficial “three children” rebates. These awards and rebates are granted based on merit only and do not consider financial need as an eligibility criteria.

Prospective students (with provisional admission to a study programme; this means you an 8-digit SU student number) and current undergraduates can apply for financial aid. You must also be a South African citizen, or have permanent residence status.

PGCE and PG LLB students may apply for undergraduate SU funding, though please note the funding and available bursaries for these study programmes is extremely limited. These students are therefore urged to also consider private external funding options. The non-SU Funding category is a good starting point to research options.

POSTGRADUATE FUNDING Please visit the Postgraduate Office website.

In the first and last instance, each student at Stellenbosch University is personally responsible for making financial provision for the settlement of their Student Fees account.

SU Funding

Prospective and current undergraduate students qualify for SU financial support based on two main criteria: financial need and academic merit.

A student is granted financial support, regardless of race and gender, in direct proportion to the extent of their financial need as determined by the financial circumstance documentation submitted and verified by a third party. Please note that SU funding is mostly only partial-cost, with allocations varying in value, and therefore full-cost funding is not guaranteed.

CUBL also manages and administers several bursaries on behalf of external donors according to specific qualifying criteria; there are also family bursaries available to students who have proof of descendancy. The Bursary Yearbook additional funding opportunities for the upcoming academic year are listed per faculty.

All undergraduate students are encouraged to apply annually to qualify for SU funding. This means you will be registered on the CUBL financial aid databse and can then be considered for any suitable funding for an upcoming academic year. The application process is online and you will be will be directed to a secure site to complete the application. We recommend you first review the Application Process tab instructions to prepare your support documents before you click ‘Apply Now’.

SU also offers merit awards (Undergraduate Excellence Awards for first-year students and the Senior Merit Bursary for senior students) for year-to-year academic performance.

Several special bursaries are available for those who have excelled at sport on a provincial or national level.

SU External Donor Funding

SU receives external donor funding earmarked for bursaries.

CUBL manages and administers these bursaries on behalf of external donors and according to specific financial need, academic, and/or other qualifying criteria.

The criteria for SU external donor bursaries differ, so please review this to determine if you are eligible. To be considered, you will also need to complete a unique application form. The application process is online and you will be will be directed to a secure site to complete the application. We recommend you first review the Application Process tab instructions to prepare your support documents before you click ‘Apply Now’.

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences Funding

The Centre for Student Adminstration (CSA) and the CUBL bursary officers on Tygerberg campus (Clinical Building) provide assistance to FMHS students.

CSA focuses on providing a comprehensive service to prospective and current Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) students that includes the administration of undergraduate bursaries. View the funding options available to FMHS undergraduates.

CUBL bursary officers can assist FMHS students who are SU funded, SU external donor funded, or non-SU funded, however any NSFAS-related queries are to be directed to the SU campus assistance desk at SU funding application process is online and you will be will be directed to a secure site to complete the application. We recommend you first review the Application Process tab instructions to prepare your support documents before you click ‘Apply Now’.

SA Government Funding

The South African government offers tertiary funding options to prospective university students who meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:
  • the student is a South African citizen
  • the student must currently be in Grade 12 and have obtained good academic results so far, or have completed Grade 12 with good academic results

Applications are direct via the government and closing dates differ, so please ensure you apply timeously.

Please note Stellenbosch University does not manage the application nor selection process for any government funding; it only assists with the administration of bursary disbursements (payments) to successful recipients under instruction from the government agency.

All NSFAS applicants and current NSFAS-funded students must also apply to Stellenbosch University (SU) Funding Opportunities. The student is then registered on the CUBL database, which ensures you are considered for gap funding (costs not covered by NSFAS allowances). Gap funding includes top-up, shortfall, emergency, and/or graduate debt funding and it aims to bridge the financial gaps not covered by NSFAS. The SU Funding Opportunities application process is online and you will be directed to a secure site to complete the application form. We recommend you first review the Application Process tab for instructions to prepare your support documents before you click ‘Apply now’. IMPORTANT NOTE The University has limited funds available. An application for funding is not a guarantee that funding will be granted.

Non-SU Funding

There are alternative funding options a student can explore – from crowdfunding to private company scholarships that may require a work commitment after you graduate....

Eligibility criteria may not necessarily include dire financial need, and as the application dates also vary, please make sure you research your options and apply timeously.

We encourage all prospective and current undergraduate students to pursue all available financial assistance avenues and have compiled a list of funding options and resources as a starting point.

Filter List

SU Funding

Bursary Yearbook

The Bursary Yearbook lists SU-managed as well as private company, trust, and government bursaries and funds. These are grouped by faculty, though we suggest that no matter your study programme, you at least also review all the listings in Section 1 (bursaries for study in most faculties) and in Section 3 (Faculty of Science). Any bursary offered across more than one faculty may only be listed under the Science faculty. Please take note of the differing closing dates and application processes.

All listings that state ‘Applications:’ means you need to apply via the SU Funding Opportunities online site.

Applications for my.sun portal listings open 1 August and close 30 September 2023.

SU Funding

Bursary Yearbook: FMHS

The Bursary Yearbook is a comprehensive list of financial aid available for the academic academic year.

Bursaries are grouped by faculty and include SU funded bursaries: Review bursaries for most faculties (pages 7-17) and those specifically for FMHS undergraduates (pages 47-48).


iThemba FMHS bursary fund

As part of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences’ (FMHS) sustained endeavour to realise its values, vision and mission, the faculty actively promotes access to quality education and works hard to ensure student success. The FMHS iThemba Bursary Fund was established in 2015 in support of students who have exhausted all other avenues to access funding for their studies.

The FMHS has limited funding available in 2023 for TygerMatie undergraduate students in financial need.

Please note the following important points about the bursary fund:

  • Awards are determined by financial need and allocated to students who have exhausted all other available options for funding
  • Applicants must provide proof they do not qualify for or have been unable to access any other funds, bursaries, and/or loans
  • Non-SA citizens will be considered
  • Final year undergraduate students and fifth year MBChB students will not be considered for this fund if they are unable to prove that they have accessed or exceeded all available funding options (e.g., the Secured Standard Bank Loan)
  • The University reserves the right to validate all information and cancel the application and/or bursary allocation if false information has been supplied
  • Awards are allocated to a maximum of R50 000 for the 2023 academic year only (allocations exceeding this amount can be made under exceptional circumstances and on a case-by-case merit basis)
  • The University reserves the right to retract the iThemba allocation should a recipient be awarded with other funds during the year that cover all study-related expenses
  • The iThemba fund allocation may not be used towards historic study-related debt

How to apply

Step 1 Download and complete the application form.

Step 2 Prepare the required support documents as noted on the application form. Save all these documents as one pdf file. Please include your SU# as a prefix to the file name, ‘12345678-iThemba’.

Step 3 There are two options to deliver your application:

Email your application to Remember to include your SU# in the subject line, ‘SU # / iThemba application’ and double-check you have attached the application form and the support document pdf; or

Hand-deliver your printed application and support documents in a clearly marked envelope to the Bursary Office, Room 1043, Clinical Building, Tygerberg Campus.

Applications closed 22 March 2023. No late applications will be considered.

SU Funding

Merit Awards

 Stellenbosch University allocates awards where academic merit is the primary consideration based on the final published grade 12 (matric) results for first-year students and the latest examination results for senior students.

The First-Year Merit Bursary has been discontinued and was replaced in 2023 with the new Undergraduate Excellence Awards (UGEA). The First-Year Merit Bursary was awarded for the last time in 2023 to transition the new UGEAs within the same year.

Undergraduate Excellence Awards (for first-year students)

There are four categories of Undergraduate Excellence Awards for first-year students. These awards are granted solely on scholastic or academic achievement. As they are not based on financial need, there is no application process: the final grade 12 results are automaticlaly computer-collated and recipients are identified according to the academic criteria per merit award category.

Senior Merit Bursary (for senior-year students)

This academic merit award is for senior undergradaute students from their second to final* year of study. It is granted solely on academic achievement. There is no application process as the previous year’s final results are automatically computer-collated and recipients identified according to the stipulated academic criteria.

*Please note the award cannot be granted retrospectively once a student has graduated, that is, no allocation will be made based on a student’s final-year undergraduate results. The last opportunity to be allocated the Senior Merit Bursary is based on a student’s penultimate year-end undergraduate results.

Important additional notes: Excellence Awards and Senior Merit Bursary

This section also includes when monies may be paid out, and why an award may be cancelled or reduced.

SU Funding

Recruitment Bursary

The Recruitment Bursary will not be allocated to any first year students from 2023 onwards. Current bursary recipients will continue to be supported.

SU Funding

Sport Bursary

Several special bursaries are available for students who have excelled at sport on a provincial or national level. Please email Maties Sport at or call 021 808 4642 for more details on the requirement documents of your achievement. Review the sporting codes.

This bursary is not awarded nor administered by CUBL and thus not included in the Bursary Calendar.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Dippenaar Family Trust (EMS students only)

Family bursary trusts build a lasting foundation of support and in turn, make our country stronger – as Laurie and Estelle Dippenaar discovered when they started the Dippenaar Family Trust. Over the past 20 years, the Dippenaars have helped more than 350 Stellenbosch University students on their pathway to success through the bursaries provided by the Family Trust.

The Dippenaar Family Trust supports between 15 and 20 students per year, allowing them to focus on their studies and not stress about possibly dropping out due to a lack of funding. Most of the recipients are first-generation university students without the financial resources to take this big step. One such student is Siyabonga Ndlovu – he studied BCom Management Sciences and wants to find ways to create real corporate social value in his future career. His dreams of social entrepreneurship would be just that – a dream – if not for the support received from the Dippenaar Family Trust.

“When a student knows that their studies are covered in full, that there is no gap in funding or shortfall that they have to come up with, there is a confidence that bolsters them to focus on what needs to get done to overcome the challenges of the often-gruelling academic year,” says Arrie Hannekom, ex-head of CUBL.

This bursary is for undergraduates from the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences with an average of 60%. The bursary value is decided by a selection panel who observe the financial need and academic potential of applicants; it varies between R20 000 and R50 000 per year.

Download and complete the FORM DIPPENAAR. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Doris Crossley Bursary

The Harry & Doris Crossley Foundations are private funder or grant-making organisations in Cape Town with their focus being on tertiary education and research. Mr and Mrs Crossley saw the benefit of both tertiary education and research, and both left virtually their entire independent estates for the formation of their individual foundations. You can read about the foundation here.

Political and religious studies are the only areas of study that are excluded from receiving funding under the terms of the deed.

Download and complete the FORM DORIS CROSSLEY. Remember to include two (2) reference letters to support your application. You will be prompted to upload these documents in the online application.

Applications closed 30 September 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Du Toit Hugenote Bursary

This bursary is awarded primarily on financial need, academic achievement, and leadership potential. All candidates must study two modules of their programmes in Afrikaans. All else being equal, candidates of Hugenote descent will receive preference.

Download and complete the FORM DU TOIT HUGENOTE. Remember to include the motivational letter to support your application. You will be prompted to upload these documents in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

DW Ackermann (Engineering students only)

This bursary is only open to undergraduate Engineering students who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Field of study The student is provisionally accepted to study any degree programme offered by the Faculty of Engineering
  • Academic merit The student achieves at least 75% average (excluding Life Orientation) for their final grade 12 results, and 75% for Mathematics and 70% for Physical Science
  • Financial need The student comes from a home with a gross household income of not more than R600 000 per year (R50 000 per month)

The value of the bursary is decided by a selection panel that considers the financial need and academic potential of candidates. Continuation of the bursary depends on academic performance as determined by the DW Ackermann Bursary Fund committee.

Download and complete the FORM DW ACKERMANN. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

NSFAS-funded students and SU International students from the Faculty of Engineering are eligible and encouraged to apply. Please note, however, that only SUI engineering students must apply via email; CUBL will email these students with instructions.

Applications closed 31 January 2024.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Jannie Mouton

Bursaries are awarded based on financial need and academic merit. The value of the award varies. All students may apply.

Download and complete the FORM JANNIE MOUTON. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Piet Neethling Educational-Trust Bursary

This bursary requests information on leadership positions at school, details of participation in school sport, cultural activities, hobbies and other interests, reasons for your choice of study, and any other information you would like to provide to motivate your application for financial assistance.

Download and complete the FORM NEETHLING. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary


Bursaries are awarded based on financial need and academic merit. The value of the award varies. All students may apply.

Download and complete the FORM PSG. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Rodney Africa (Law students only)

Who qualifies? Students studying towards a law degree; undergraduate Coloured and Black students; preference is given to alumni of Lückhoff High School and/or students from the Stellenbosch area. A bursary is awarded annually by Mr Rodney Africa, an SU alumnus.

Download and complete the FORM RODNEY AFRICA. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Sheila Brand Bursary

The following criteria – in no order of preference and at the sole discretion of the fund – will be considered in the allocation of bursaries:

  • financial need (whether in respect of all or part of the study needs for an academic year)
  • academic merit
  • achievements in leadership, sport, culture, and community service

In the event of a conflict between the Afrikaans and English versions of this application form, the English version will enjoy preference. This bursary may not be held concurrently with other scholarships, bursaries, or awards, without the consent of the trustees. All applicants must be available for a personal interview with the trustees, at their own cost, if so requested.

Download and complete the FORM SHEILA BRAND. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 30 September 2023.

SU External Donor Funded Bursary

Vlakte Bursary

Previous inhabitants and descendants (children and grandchildren) who lived in “Die Vlakte” in Stellenbosch and were forced to move in the 1960s can apply for this bursary. Die Vlakte area is bordered by Muller, Ryneveld, Banghoek, Smuts, Merriman, and Bird Streets. You can read more about this bursary here.

Download and complete the FORM VLAKTE. You will be prompted to upload this form in the online application.

Applications closed 31 October 2023.

SA Government Funding

COID (Compensation Fund) bursary

Undergraduate students are invited to apply for the SA government’s 2023 Compensation Fund Bursary Scheme (COID).

This bursary covers tuition fees, book allowance, monthly living allowance, and institution-accredited accommodation costs in alignment with the NSFAS/DHET guidelines.

Please first check whether you meet the eligibility criteria, and then note that you will need to prepare the following support documents to complete your application:

  • certified copy of ID (student and parents/legal guardians);
  • certification and verification of physical disability if you are a student living with a disability;
  • proof of COID pensioner parent-/guardianship, if you are the dependent of a COID Pensioner or a dependent of a fatally injured worker;
  • and proof of income for parents/legal guardians.

To apply, you will need to complete the application form and upload this along with your support documents.

Applications close at midnight Thursday, 2 March 2023. Late applications will not be accepted.

SA Government Funding


DALRRD (the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development) intends to award comprehensive bursaries to qualifying applicants currently pursuing and/or intending to further their studies in identified careers in agriculture, land reform, and the rural development sector for the 2023 academic year.

The bursary will cover tuition, accommodation, books, meals, and monthly allowance for students from previously disadvantaged population groups and impoverished persons from poverty-stricken and rural communities.

The application process is by email and students will need to attach documentation to support their application. This includes IDs, death certificate/s (if applicable), certified copies of qualification/s, academic record/Grade 12 results and university acceptance letter, family income (salary slip not older than three months), SASSA (if applicable), and proof of unemployment from Department of Labour (if applicable).

You can find more information here.

Applications close 31 October.

SA Government Funding


The Funza Lushaka Bursary Programme is available to prospective students who have been accepted by the University to study towards a 4-year Bachelor of Education degree, specialising in Foundation Phase (Grade R – 3), Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – 6) and Senior Phase (FET) (Grade 7 – 12). A bursary is also available for a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

Preference will be given to applicants who wish to study subjects in the three streams model curriculum.

You must be 30 years or younger to qualify for this bursary.

What are the priority subjects?
Foundation Phase (FP) Grades R – 3 with preference for South African indigenous languages.
Intermediate Phase Grades 4 – 6 with preference for a teaching major in two of the following: Languages, Mathematics, and Natural Science & Technology.
Senior Phase (FET) Grades 7 – 12 with preference given for a teaching major in two of the following: Agricultural Technology, Civil Technology, Computer Applications Technology, Electrical Technology, Engineering Graphics & Design, Information Technology, Mathematics, Mechanical Technology, Physical Sciences, Technical Mathematics and Technical Science.
Braille and South African sign language is available in all three phases.
Please note that each province has its own priority subject areas. Applicants are allowed to choose one priority subject from the provincial ones.

What does the bursary cover?
The bursary will pay for tuition fees, accommodation including meals, books and learning materials, and if possible, a small allowance for a monthly living expenses. Bursary recipients are required to teach at a public school equivalent to the duration of the bursary received.

Applications are only online. Visit Funza Lushaka for more information on eligibility criteria, and the e-gov portal to register an online profile. Once you have logged in, go to the e-services menu and choose Funza Lushaka Bursary, then follow the instructions.

If you have any queries, please email or call the Department of Basic Education on 012 357 3000.

Applications open 17 October and close 30 November (re-applications for exisiting/returning recipients) and 3 February 2023 (new applications)

SA Government Funding


The Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA) is a Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) for the mining and minerals sector, in terms of the Skills Development Act No. 97 of 1988.

The MQA invites Grade 12 learners and current undergraduate students  to apply for an MQA bursary for the 2023 academic year.

A total of 700 bursary opportunities will be available, and the bursary covers tuition fees and allowances for accommodation, books, and meals.

If you are a South African citizen and studying one of the following programmes at a university, you are eligible to apply:

analytical chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, environmental health and management, geology, industrial engineering, jewellery design and manufacturing, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, mine surveying, mining engineering, occupational health and safety, occupational hygiene, occupational medicine, operations management, or quality management.

Preference will be given to the following aspects in the selection of candidates:

  • Applicants classified as historically disadvantaged individuals
  • Financially need applicants, with a gross household income of not more than R600 000 per annum (R50 000 per month)
  • Female applicants
  • Applicants living in rural communities
  • Applicants who have applied to study at their local tertiary institutions
  • Good academic performance

Bursary Application form

You can view the bursary flyer here. It is important that you download the correct form, 2023 Unemployed Bursary Application Form, via the link below.

Applications open 1 August and close 1 September. Late applications will not be considered.

SA Government Funding


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) is a bursary for a student from a home with a gross household income of less than R350 000 per annum (R29 167 per month) or for a student with a disability, the gross household income must not be more than R600 000 per annum (R50 000 per month).

Only South African citizens and all SASSA grant recipients qualify for funding. You do not qualify if you have completed a previous qualification, or have already applied, qualified, and received funding. Funding is for the duration of your study programme, provided you pass your modules and meet the academic requirements.

We recommend you visit the NSFAS website for detailed information on the funding scheme, how to create your own myNSFAS account (tab on top right of web page) to apply for a NSFAS bursary, and what documentation is required to support your application.

For a breakdown of the bursary value, please refer to Clause 5.3 University allowances of the Department of Higher Education’s (DHET) NSFAS eligibility criteria and conditions for financial aid: Policy standard for 2023 academic year.

For any queries, call toll free 0800 0 67 3 27, WhatsApp 078 519 8006, or email

Applications open November 2023 and close 31 January 2024 (dates subject to change).

SA Government Funding

Other government options

Certain government department funding requires unique eligibility criteria, for example, that the student comes from a specific area/province.

SA Government Funding

Stellenbosch Municipality bursary

Stellenbosch Municipality, in collaboration with the Western Cape government via its Provincial Treasury Department, is proud to present bursary opportunities for unemployed youth permanently residing in the Stellenbosch Municipality’s municipal and surrounding areas.

Please note the bursary advertisement and application form are only available in English.

Eligibility criteria

  • Must reside within the Municipality’s municipal and surrounding areas
  • Full time undergraduate studies in any of the following areas: finance, economics, accounting, supply chain management, internal audit, risk management, infrastructure (only Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveyor)

Support documents

You will need to prepare the following documents to support your bursary application. Please note that if you do not include all the requested documents, your application will not be considered.

  • Proof of permanent residence within the Municipality’s municipal or surrounding areas – this can be a municipal account or affidavit
  • Proof of monthly household income (original certified true copy of payslip or sworn affidavit). Refer to Part B of application form
  • Proof of registration at University in one of the specified learning fields. This to include proof of registration cost, class/study fees, study material/books cost, and any examination fees. Refer to Part F of application form
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Certified copy of student ID
  • Latest academic record/s (official statement/s of results)

Application form

Interested applicants should apply using the prescribed application form. You can download the form here.

Application process

Once you have completed the application form, place this and all your required support documents in an envelope addressed to ‘HR Specialist: Training & Skills Development, Human Resources Services’ and then hand-deliver or courier this to 71 Plein Street, Ecclesia Building, Stellenbosch. Place the envelope in the marked box. Faxed or emailed applications will not be considered

Important points to note

  1. Faxed and/or emailed applications will not be considered.
  2. Applicants who do not submit all the supporting documentation as requested will not be considered for this bursary opportunity.
  3. Receipt of applications will not be acknowledged, and no supporting documentation will be returned.
  4. If you do not hear from Stellenbosch Municipality within 20 working days after the closing date (i.e., by Tuesday, 28 April 2023), please regard your application as unsuccessful.
  5. The Council reserves the right not to make any allocations towards bursaries.

For any queries, please contact either Ms Stacy Jacobs on 021 808 8093 / or Michelle Langeveldt on 021 808 8977 /

Applications close on Friday, 10 March 2023.

Non-SU Funding


With an up-to-date list of bursaries currently available in South Africa, AllBursaries display funding options sorted by subject matter/ industry and by closing date. You can thus make sure you get your application submitted in time. The site also includes detailed information about the NSFAS application and other funding opportunities.

Non-SU Funding

Bloemhof Beursfonds Trust (IT734/2001)

Please note this bursary is for Afrikaans-speaking and Afrikaans home language applicants only.

Die Bloemhof Beursfonds Trust se doelstellings is om aan Afrikaanssprekende Christen jong mense studiebeurse en toekennings vir studie, navorsing en onderrig toe te ken om hul drome en ideale te verwesenlik, ten einde ’n positiewe bydrae in die breër Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing te maak.

Riglyne en aanlynaansoekvorm is op die webblad ( beskikbaar:

  • Afrikaanssprekend (Huistaal en onderrigtaal)
  • Christelike geloofsoortuiging
  • Slegs voorgraadse studies met die uitsondering van LL.B. studente en Nagraadse Diploma in Hoër Onderwys
  • Gesamentlike ouerinkomste van tussen R350 000 en R900 000 per jaar

Aansoekvorm vir voornemende studente.
Aansoekvorm vir studente wat reeds by US ingeskryf is.

Applications close 15 October. (Successful applicants will be notified by 25 November)

Non-SU Funding

Bursaries South Africa

Bursaries South Africa is a comprehensive bursary website for students who are looking to start or to continue their tertiary studies, and who have a strong academic record but lack the funding needed.

For ease of navigation, a good starting point is to click the ‘Closing soon‘ tab and review the bursaries categorised by relevant faculty. The website also includes useful tips and advice like ‘how to write a bursary motivational letter’ and ‘tips to submitting a bursary application’.

Non-SU Funding

Eskom Holdings

Eskom transforms inputs from the natural environment – coal, nuclear, fuel, diesel, water, and wind – into more than 90% of the energy supplied to a wide range of customers in South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Eskom is offering university bursary opportunities for BEng and/or BSc Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current and Light Current) and Mechatronics undergraduates.

Minimum requirements

  • must be a South African citizen
  • matriculates in 2022
  • conditional acceptance from University to study:

BEng/BSc Electrical Engineering (light current)
BEng/BSc Electrical Engineering (heavy current)
BEng/BSc Mechatronic Engineering

  • applicant should not be holding any other bursary or be registered at any tertiary institution

Selection criteria

  • 2022 Grade 12 results with minimum: English level 4, Pure Mathematics level 5, and Physical Science level 5

The final decision for selecting recipients will be based on the 2022 final grade 12 results. Successful candidates will be contacted within 28 days after the closing date. If you are not contacted, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

Please note that you will need to create an online user profile to apply. 

Applications close 27 January 2023

Non-SU Funding

FEENIX crowdfunding

​Feenix is an online fundraising platform launched in June 2017 in response to the #FeesMustFall movement that spread across university campuses in South African during 2015 and 2016.

Standard Bank is a founding partner and feenix provides students with the tools for formalise their fundraising efforts and a channel for funders to find students they wish to support.

Visit the feenix website for more information and sign up.

Non-SU Funding

FUNDI study loan

FUNDI is a South African education finance specialist. The company strives to help students achieve their dreams, by offering loans at preferential rate to cover the costs of attending tertiary institutions.

Refer to this flyer for more information. You can also contact Thorn Williams on 061 370 1028 or email to discuss your options.

Non-SU Funding

GrandWest bursary scheme

Sun International has a proud legacy in the gaming, hospitality, and entertainment industries, with diverse assets, including world-class five-star hotels, modern and well-located casinos, and some of the world’s finest premier resorts. GrandWest bursary applications are now open for prospective and current undergraduate students who reside in the Western Cape, matriculated in South Africa, are under 27 years of age, and are studying full time.

Fields of study Tourism and hospitality; Entrepreneurship; Human resources; Marketing; Information Technology; Electrical Engineering; Agriculture; and Mechanical Engineering.

The bursary covers registration and course fees. An additional amount of R5 000 will be allocated towards textbooks. The bursary does not include payment of accommodation and stationery.

Please review the flyer and bursary application form below for conditions of payment, and the rules and criteria, then email your completed form to Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

Applications close 31 January 2023

Non-SU Funding


The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) is open to South African citizens who are studying for a degree for the first time in 2023 and who come from a gross household income of between R350 00 and R600 000 per annum (between R29 167 and R50 000 per month).

Students must be provisionally accepted to Stellenbosch University in an ISFAP-supported degree programme.

Applications open 18 May and close 31 October.

Non-SU Funding

Moshal program

Moshal are committed to bridging the gap between a challenging past and a promising future.

As a transformation organisation which provides opportunities to bright, young, financially disadvantaged people, Moshal also guides and nurtures students as they overcome their unique challenges to build prosperous futures for themselves. Students with the potential to shine are selected for funding to study high demand disciplines with excellent earning potential.

Eligibility criteria
Students from a gross household income of less than R200 000 per annum (R16 667 per month) and a minimum academic result of at least 70% for English, Mathematics, Physical Science, and/or Accounting.

Bursaries are available for the following study programmes:

  • Commerce/Business Science: accounting/finance, investments, information systems, mathematics, economics
  • Engineering: electrical/electronic, mechatronics, mechanical, industrial, computer data, civil, chemical
  • Health Science: MBChB, pharmacy, veterinary science
  • Science: data, actuarial, mathematical, statistics, computer

The application process is online (free data), and you need to register your application on the Trending Talent (TT) portal.

The process includes signing a privacy policy and consent form and uploading the required support documentation to complete your application. Support documentation includes the following:  ID documents, payslips, affidavits, proof of social grants/SASSA, results – Grade 11 June and final Grade 12, three (3) months bank statements, university acceptance letter, NBT scores, and proof of NSFAS application (if applicable).

Applications open 15 June 2023.  (There is no closing date)

Non-SU Funding


The Openserve Centre of Excellence invites second- and third-year undergraduate students in the fields of electrical engineering (light current), computer engineering, information technology, and computer science to join their bursary programme.

Eligibility criteria includes achieving a minimum of 70% in the technology/engineering subjects and a minimum overall average of 65% in your first (for a second-year student) or second (for a third-year student) year of study. The bursary programme is only available to South African citizens.

Applications close 15 August.

Contact Us

Any bursary or funding query must first be logged with the SU Centre for Client Services (021 808 9111)

Thereafter, you will be advised on the best communication channel, be it a transfer call to CUBL, an email, or an in-person consultation.

For any technical issues whilst completing your 2024 SU Funding Opportunities application

Please email with a screenshot or detailed description of the problem encountered.

For any general or document issues whilst completing your 2024 SU Funding Opportunities application

Please call 021 808 9111 or email for assistance.

Stellenbosch Campus

Physical Address

Admin A Building, Ryneveld Street, Stellenbosch 7600

Office hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:30

+27 21 808 9111

Tygerberg Campus

Physical Address

Clinical Building, Francie van Zijl Drive, Tygerberg 7505

Office hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 – 16:30

+27 21 938 9129 / 21 808 9111

Centre for Undergraduate Bursaries and Loans (CUBL)

All NSFAS and Funza Lushaka bursary assistance at SU, including FMHS NSFAS-funded students

Only 2024 Funza Lushaka applications, modules, and placement queries, contact Mrs Jeannie Saffier

Email correspondence

Due to the high volume of emails received, all email correspondence must please include an SU student number, bursary name/ref, and a short descriptor in the subject line, for example: ‘12345678 / NSFAS – allowance payment query’. This will ensure your enquiry can be attended to promptly and efficiently.